Snowboard Instructor Travis Weaver Experiences Lumbos For The First Time

Level 3 AASI Certified Snowboard Instructor Travis Weaver shares his experience with Lumbos, a revolutionary new product that automatically adjusts a riders stance on the fly. Lumbos adjusts the rider's stance most comfortably according to their speed, direction of travel, and terrain; all the while remaining completely stable while carving up the slopes
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2016 0228 Thomasalot Travis Weaver showing what LUMBOS mechanism Does and Can Do (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Travis Weaver weaving on LUMBOS inserts (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Travis Weaver Skating, Twisting, and Turning with LUMBOS innovation (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Skate~boarding made Possible via LUMBOS technology (Squaw Valley: 01/30/2016) Travis Weaver, Swishing and Swaying on LUMBOS devices (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Catherine Emmons Samson, continuing to have a blast with LUMBOS device Jordan Hill & Logan Campbell, 1st time ever on LUMBOS technology; Northstar, Lake Tahoe Bruce & Catherine Samson, 1st time on LUMBOS innovation; Northstar, Lake Tahoe Tiago Bandeira on LUMBOS technology, Dec 12 2015 at Squaw Valley Snowboard Better, Safer, And Easier With Lumbos On-The-Fly Snowboard Stance Adjustments With Lumbos Snowboarders
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