On-The-Fly Snowboard Stance Adjustments With Lumbos

Lumbos proves stance changes are meant to be and can occur automatically & most appropriately, according to speed, direction, and terrain changes and/or rider choice, and otherwise demonstrates that one's position remains stable and secure at all times, no matter what conditions are encountered.
Other Videos
2016 0228 Thomasalot Travis Weaver showing what LUMBOS mechanism Does and Can Do (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Travis Weaver weaving on LUMBOS inserts (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Travis Weaver Skating, Twisting, and Turning with LUMBOS innovation (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Skate~boarding made Possible via LUMBOS technology (Squaw Valley: 01/30/2016) Travis Weaver, Swishing and Swaying on LUMBOS devices (Squaw Valley; 01/30/2016) Catherine Emmons Samson, continuing to have a blast with LUMBOS device Jordan Hill & Logan Campbell, 1st time ever on LUMBOS technology; Northstar, Lake Tahoe Bruce & Catherine Samson, 1st time on LUMBOS innovation; Northstar, Lake Tahoe Tiago Bandeira on LUMBOS technology, Dec 12 2015 at Squaw Valley Snowboard Better, Safer, And Easier With Lumbos Snowboard Instructor Travis Weaver Experiences Lumbos For The First Time Snowboarders
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