LUMBOS™ mechanism—Finally, ride your snowboard just like a skateboarder or surfer!

The LUMBOS™ technology Kickstarter campaign began November 19, 2014 at 09:00 am PST.


San Francisco, CA (November 19, 2014) – There hasn’t been any major changes in snowboarding in over 20 years—but LUMBOS™ technology has created an innovative design to snowboard equipment that will forever change the world of snowboarding as we know it.

Despite the countless options of bindings and boards out on the market, all have the limitation of that once a rider is positioned, they are literally rendered immobile and subject to a single stance.  LUMBOS devices provide unprecedented freedom of movement, by allowing for the first time in snowboarding history, a rider to shift each foot independently at will at ALL TIMES, while remaining securely attached to their snowboard.

LUMBOS™ mechanism provides unprecedented comfort by maximizing balance, control, and maneuverability.

  • Simply shifting body weight around and changing foot angles accordingly, a rider is able to use any combination of unlimited positions/stances— alpine, duck, fakie, flat, freestyle, goofy, jibbing, & more—in every run.

  • LUMBOS technology has completely eliminated the need to twist and bend the knees in awkward positions while sitting on the lift or navigating lift lines, thus significantly reducing fatigue, enabling riders more fun and excitement.

  • And when it’s time for a break, a rider can take a seat in the snow and choose to angle their foot and board in any direction that they want, so that they can relax, free from any excessive torquing of the knees and spine.


LUMBOS™ accessories are designed to also be as compatible as possible with virtually ANY similar equipment used in water, from kite surfing to wake-boarding to wind surfing, ALL using the same pair of mountings.  They are built to last a lifetime, one size fits all, meaning, a person can use the same pair as a junior rider and then continue using them well into adulthood.


  • The device is built from stainless steel, which is of course durable, heat resistant, and virtually maintenance free—with damping, flex, low weight, rebound, and high corrosion and thermal resistance and strength as desired properties, so as not to compromise a particular board’s performance or torsion, including a hard-anodized coating to ensure smoothest operation.

  • They can be mounted laterally or longitudinally at any given anchoring point(s) on a particular board, and installation of LUMBOS™ mechanism is completely reversible.

  • It is both unidirectional (it turns in either direction about a single axis) and bi-pedal (both feet are always free to spin, easily and independently).

  • Easy to install in minutes, once, and will not damage equipment.

  • Universal compatibility with ALL major brands of boots, boards, and bindings used in the snow and water sports boarding industries.  A rider does NOT have to buy or replace any existing gear in order to use LUMBOS™ accessories.

Boarders have been suffering through the pain and discomfort of riding fused to their boards unnecessarily for decades.  Now, all that will change now that LUMBOS technology is available through Kickstarter, which began on November 19, 2014 at


About LUMBOS™ innovation

The story of LUMBOS™ innovation is a true story of a small company started in a San Francisco Bay Area garage.  Founder and CEO of Dry Water Productions, Inc.,Thomas Lundbaek came up with the idea of LUMBOS mechanism when he decided to put down his ski poles and try snowboarding.  Soon after, realizing that he wanted that freedom of movement that skateboarding afforded him, he went home and immediately began working on an unprecedented and long overdue, wholly new snowboarding characteristic.

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