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Lumbos™ technology uses only the finest quality in materials, with damping, flex, low weight, rebound, and high corrosion resistance and strength as desired properties. 

Fabricated out of hard-anodized airline grade aluminum, well known for its superior strength and chemical/corrosion resistance; Lumbos manifestation is; specially tempered for marine applications, while possessing good acceptance of applied surface coatings. In other, other words, they may be powder-coated, etched, &/or covered in stickers, for a variety of colors and designs.

We also use Delrin® acetal homopolymer, which combines lubricity and wear resistance with the stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal.  Its resin is a highly-crystalline polymer that has high stiffness and strength without the need for glass reinforcement.  When compared to acetal copolymers offered by competitors, Delrin® offers higher tensile strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, and significantly outperforms on impact resistance, allowing for thinner and lighter part design.   In addition to offering outstanding low- and high-temperature performance, good color ability, and good mating with metal and other polymers.

Consisting of three basic parts, the only other hardware used in Lumbos inserts construction are stainless steel screws, which speak for themselves, for secure anchoring and attachment purposes.  A hard-anodized coating is applied to every part, to reduce frictional resistance while increasing scratch resistance and turning respnsiveness.


Features & Installation

Lumbos™ innovation fulfills several basic needs which are not being met nor have been dealt with in the snowboarding arenas, until now!

For starters, Lumbos™ embodiment offers unlimited stance changes on the fly, because the device moves freely and is immediately responsive "circumferencially", fitting between virtually any commercial/conventional snowboard and bindings, without competition or modification to any piece of equipment. 

So easy to install, a child can do it in just a few simple one-time steps, allowing a rider to spin each foot independently at will, while remaining securely attached.  The basic idea is comprised of just three dynamically integrated interlocking parts and requires no ancillary mechanisms or tools to make said adjustments occur smoothly on the fly after initial retrofitting is completed.



The beauty of Lumbos™ device is in its ultimate refinement and simplicity.  In a nutshell, it is never ever necessary to be in a locked or restricted stance, for freedom of movement is key to making split-second automatic adjustments/decisions in order to maximize balance and hence control!  After all, skateboarders perform some amazing tricks without their feet ever being bound to the board.  Likewise, surfers manage to negotiate even the biggest waves, by simply shifting their weight around and changing foot angles accordingly.  And so it should be, and is, with the advent of Lumbos™.

Lumbos™ characteristic gives unprecedented options, for operating the mechanism is as straight forward as turning (spinning) while standing.  Simply relieving the load bearing down on one foot or the other releases one’s grip, thus permitting spatial movements, while exerting a load bearing force restricts said movement, by a rider’s own weighted actions.  Therefore, Lumbos™ addition provides spontaneous abilities previously and presently unheard of.  Allowing a rider to use any combination & variety of positions/stances, including; alpine, duck, fakie, flat, and or forward; to freestyle, goofy, jibbing, regular, switch, et cetera…as one normally would skateboarding or surfing.


Decreased Fatigue & Increased Stability

Furthermore, Lumbos™ accessory gives a rider the ability to produce their own self-generated locomotion similar to skateboarding; merely by disconnecting one boot or the other from the binding for use in scooting one along (so to speak), making it especially useful on flat terrain and or at/on/off lifts. Thus vastly decreasing fatigue in the process, which is also a major problem when standing in line, sitting on lifts, and while riding for that matter.  Lumbos™ technology completely eliminates the humiliating/straining need to hobble along in lines, or claw one’s way across flat terrain, not to mention other impositions with others.  Lumbos™ manifestation even allows one to literally board uphill!

In addition to comfort, convenience, control, maneuverability, and versatility, Lumbos™ inserts provide enhanced stability, due to the inherent physics of this revolutionary innovation, in that, no matter one’s position/stance, a rider’s energy/force/power is always transferred directly to the most effective part or ‘edge’ of the board at any given moment during use, due of the circular nature of the apparatus.  Moreover, since a rider is somewhat raised above the surface plane of given board, leverage and hence “edge angle” is thereby increased further.  To boot, a whole new array of tricks are afforded riders, allowing one to recklessly spin and get spun on a board in mid-air, not to mention the potential of performing a 360˚ table top or ‘tray’ (shevit) in the process!


Maneuverability & Versatility

On top of all the above benefits, additional value is added as experienced on lifts.  Now it doesn't matter which foot one releases from their bindings, for Lumbos™ innovation is completely bi-directional.  Which means you can alternate which leg is bound to the board, instead of letting the same leg hang from the lifts all day long.  Cooler still, you can inch your way along in line with the long end of the board in front of you, and turn in any direction to talk to friends and family, an impossible prospect with a fixed board stance, let alone on skiis.   

Overall, stance change is a convenience, not a hindrance. While the board is unweighted, a rider has the ability to change their stance 'on the fly'. Said stance change is not unwanted, nor does it take place without the input from the rider; with the exception that it will put one in an ideal position when it does move, involuntarily (or more at, intuitively; automatically). Once turns are initiated, the bindings "stay" in the desired position! Pre-load still takes pace. Lateral torsion still takes place. Board feel still exists. And as for high-back input: Ideal high-back position is in alignment with the heel edge. However, the high-back still exists and doesn't present a disadvantage to edging; in spite of it not being aligned. 'Tis the nature of LUMBOS embodiment...


Comfort & Convenience

Lumbos™ devices are not only directed to dedicated snowboarders, people whom know the sport inside & out, the very heart of boarding if you will.  For the biggest advantages of our product, ease of use & immensly reduced fatigue is also meant to appeal to a completely different consumer:  Casuals & Aging boarders.  Not to mention reducing lessons to the act boarding itself, for no longer is there a need to learn how to shuffle around.

That is, riders whom might be intimidated by the rigidness & knee twisting reality of a fixed stance.  Especially convenient for youngsters and beginners whom just want to go for a few runs and want to do it as comfortably as possible.  While older riders whom had to give up the sport they loved because it caused them such discomfort, can dust off their precious boards and once again hit the slopes in style.

Lumbos™ characteristic makes any snowboard a safer, more comfortable riding experience! 

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