1. an aftermarket device designed to aid snowboarders with more control and maneuverability; while simultaneously reducing fatigue and preventing injury commonly associated with snowboarding.

1.  singular “Lumbo”

2.  plural “Lumbos™” inserts (usually worn as a pair on snowboards); example:  “Where did you buy those Lumbos™ devices?"
    2.  a snowboard outfitted with Lumbos™ technology


     1.  to ride a snowboard with Lumbos™ characteristic (used without object); ex.  “Did you lumbo today?”


     1.  used to describe a snowboard outfitted with Lumbos™ innovation; ex.  “How did that lumbo board ride today?"


     1.  a state of mind or euphoria when you become "one with the experience", or are "on your game”; ex.  “I was so lumboed today on my ride” or “That trick was so lumbo!"

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