LUMBOS™ innovation is a revolutionary new snowboard device that allows full rotation of both feet while on the board, allowing for greater control, increased performance, reduced fatigue, and prevention of injury.  Most of all, it's more fun than being stationary!

- You no longer have to deal with stance changes, inconvenient board adjustments, foot/leg fatigue, and painful knee/ankle injuries.

- Lumbos™ device conforms to a rider's natural tendencies, adjusting automatically depending on speed, direction of travel, and terrain.

- Lumbos™ technology allows for greater comfort on the lift and in the line. No more unnatural positioning of your legs and feet in the wrong direction. Onboard, riding, and offloading lifts without fear of injury.

- Lumbos™ embodiment shortens the "learning curve" for beginners, making it fun and easy to learn and master snowboarding quickly.  However, it also increases performance for intermediate and advanced boarders.

- Lumbos™ manifestation allows for increased maneuverability and mobility, unlimited stance options, and greater repertoire of tricks.

- Lumbos™ inserts are a snap to install. An adult or child can install them (both sides) in less than 10 minutes with a simple Philips screwdriver. (No special tools or accessories necessary).

- Lumbos™ accessory is durable, thin, and lightweight.  Built to last; they're also water/weather-resistant. Measuring a mere 3/8 inch, or 0.375 (0.952 cm) thick, and less than 1.5 lbs each (so there is minimal added weight to the board).

- Lumbos™ addition is compatible with all major snowboard and binding brands due to its patented design.  Furthermore, it's multigenerational, fitting on both junior & adult boards.  So, you only need to buy one pair, ever.

Call us toll free at 1.844.2LUMBOS™ technology for more information

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