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Introducing LUMBOS™ Technology

LUMBOS technology allows full rotation of both feet while on the snowboard.  It is the World's First Spinning Snowboard Binder.

  • LUMBOS accessory provides unprecedented control, maneuverability, and balance on a snowboard.
  • No more twisting or bending your knees or legs in awkward positions on the slope or on the lift.
  • Allows any combinations of truly unlimited stance positions; alpine, duck, fakie, flat, freestyle, goofy, jibbing, and many more.

Below is an example of our prototype, and to be sure, we experimented with many other materials, such as carbon fiber, Pet P, and polycarbonates before committing to the preferred embodiment; airline grade, hard anodized aluminum and Delrin.


Vision Statement

Snowboarding can usually be learned and mastered within an entire season or two.  However, what if snowboarding could be mastered within a day or two?

• Snowboarding requires good core strength and stability to be able to negotiate the turns. However, not everyone has strong core strength.  Lumbos™ addition facilitates easier turning and maneuvering of the snowboard.

• Snowboarding also requires good balance and quick reactions.  The more weight you have to shift around, the tougher it is to control.  Lumbos™ characteristic alleviates this problem by allowing the rider to shift their weight more easily with a turning base instead of being fixed in place.

• Snowboarding requires a certain level of fitness.  Even then, riders will experience fatigue after riding for awhile.  Lumbos™ devices vastly decreases that fatigue associated with snowboarding.  It doesn't matter if it is flat terrain, standing in lift lines, sitting on chair lifts, or tow ropes:  Lumbos™ devices reduces fatigue and the mechanisms of injury to ankles, knees, and torso via its instantaneous spatial actions, potentially ameliorating axial loading, dorsiflexion, inversion, torsional stresses, shear and torque forces, as much as anatomically possible.

• Traditionally, the snowboarder has the ability to choose between many predetermined stance settings.  But, once positioned, a rider is literally rendered immobile.  Until now, making an adjustment involved going back to the rental shop to adjust the board and bindings, which is time consuming.  And, that meant losing valuable time on the slopes with family and friends having fun.  Or, some brave souls would carry a screwdriver in their pocket; that is, until they get impaled on the first fall.  Now, with Lumbos™ technology, that is no longer a problem.

Value Statement


Lumbos™ inserts offer increased control, enhanced maneuverability, better balance, increased performance, increased comfort, reduced fatigue, and greater convenience on a snowboard.  The alternative to Lumbos™ manifestation is the same status quo...fixed stance riding, in a fully locked imposition.

• Lumbos™ technology allows full rotation.  However, the weight of the rider will keep the position stable whenever the rider desires.  And, when a rider falls, Lumbos™ accessory allows the feet/legs to turn appropriately to prevent injury.

(Geek Translation:  The Lumbos™ mechanism is a pedal controlled device; purposefully, and of necessity, not fixed/locked other than by the distribution of a riders’ weight.  And, when said mass loses controlled equilibrium (in other words falls), the device is structured to supply the means by which a riders’ otherwise secured feet may absorb or shift such accidental axial loading/contorting/dorsiflexion/twisting actions, allowing one to react most appropriately and efficiently…naturally and purposefully.)

• Lumbos™ additions are built to last (in fact a lifetime).  One size fits all; a junior rider can use the same pair as a grownup, and then keep on using them well into adulthood. 



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